Mini Portable Air Conditioner

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This Mini Portable Air Conditioner is Freon-free and eco-friendly. It improves air purification and provides a stronger wind from the air cooler with a much more refreshing experience. And it can humidify your skin, keeping you away from dry air.


  • The Mini Portable Air Conditioner has including air cooling, humidifying, purifying Three gears(fast, middle, slow) optional, which can be adjusted according to your demand and provides you a better environment for sleeping and working.
  • To feel the cool wind, you only need to put water or ice cube into the water tank of the Mini Portable Air Conditioner, and connect it to the power supply with a USB, then press the on-off button. The amount of water put into the water sink is suggested to be about 3/4, which could be supported to operate about 8 hours.
  • This Mini Portable Air Conditioner is small light(about 1.7lb), which is easy to be moved and carried around. It's connected by a USB cable to the power supply, which is available for the interface of the computer, laptop, power bank.

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