Mosquito Killing USB Lamp

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Have sound peace of mind of staying protected from disease carrying mosquitoes with this Mosquito Killing USB Lamp. Special ultraviolet LED attracts mosquitoes, and this device encloses the mosquitos inside until death. 

  • Using the fan vortex to suck the mosquito and make if impossible for them to escape. With harmless, nontoxic chemical composition, recommended for pregnant women and children
  • Fight mosquitoes easily! The insect killer works silently (<35 dB) and can offer absolute tranquility.
  • This mosquito repellent lamp can cover a surface of 20㎡, just plug the USB cable to turn on the device, no setting needed. Ideal for home or camping.
  • Easy operation and charging with a USB cable; Removable collection tray for hygienic and easy cleaning.

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